The possible is always a function of the impossible

People said it was impossible to fly like a bird but one visionary said “why not try?” To that end, they discovered it was possible to invent a kite, and a balloon, and even a parachute until eventually, on a remote…..

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What’s at your core? Put your values into action and serve.

What’s at my core? What drives me? What matters?  Those are questions so many Americans asked themselves this past year.   What really matters when the whole world is turned upside down is what’s at your core. For Americans, we are at our best when we come together for a common…..

2021 National Book Festival

Create your National Book Festival experience with the Library of Congress in 2021 by engaging in author conversations online, watching the broadcast special on PBS, listening to NPR podcasts, tuning in to Washington Post Live author interviews and attending a…..

Evidence of teacher bias

AUGUST 27, 2018 Teacher Bias: The Elephant in the Classroom TEACHER EFFECTIVENESS  from The Grade Network When discussing inequality in the classroom, it’s tempting to focus on external factors like socioeconomic status or educational tools like rubrics; it’s more uncomfortable to tackle a topic…..


Science suggests we’re hardwired to delude ourselves. Can we do anything about it?By Ben Yagoda  SEPTEMBER 2018 The Atlantic  I am staring at a photograph of myself that shows me 20 years older than I am now. I have not stepped into the twilight zone. Rather,…..

Unconscious Bias

Here are some readings on the topic for your research. Being Conscious about the Unconscious Are these unconscious biases hardwired into our brains as an evolutionary response, or do they emerge from assimilating information that we see around us?  Implicit…..

The Names

A Poem tribute by Poet Laureate Billy Collins on the Names on the Ground Zero Memorial, the names read out on every anniversary usually by the survivors of those they lost.

Opinion: We best remember 9/11 by moving beyond it

Opinion by E.J. Dionne Jr. Columnist Yesterday at 5:47 p.m. Washington Post The primary lesson we should take from the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is to be wary of lessons we think we have learned from traumatic events. Trauma can undermine the clear…..

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of September 11

SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 In 2005, in partnership with the  9/11 Memorial & Museum, StoryCorps launched the September 11 Initiative. The goal of the project is to record at least one story commemorating each life lost during the attacks on September 11,…..

More Americans say 9/11 changed U.S. for worse than better, Post-ABC poll finds

By Scott Clement Polling director Yesterday at 6:00 a.m. Americans increasingly say the events of Sept. 11, 2001, had a more negative than positive impact on the country, and predictions for the pandemic’s long-term impact are even more downbeat, according to a Washington Post-ABC…..

Honor. Serve. Unite.

The September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance (9/11 Day), is a chance to help others in tribute to those killed and injured on September 11, 2001, first responders, and the countless others who serve to defend the nation’s freedom at home and around…..