Changing Mindsets-Re-building Trust

I have just finished a ZOOM meeting with Ben, one of the great members of Project CHANGE 2019-2020 and I just want to share the overflow of our conversation so that I do not forget what came out of our…..

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Cyberbullying affects almost half of American teens. Parents may be unaware.

By Elizabeth Chang.    washington post january 19th 2023 A new survey about teens and social media shows that nearly half of teens say they have been cyberbullied. In a separate survey administered to a parent of each teen, the adults ranked cyberbullying as sixth out of eight concerns…..

ChatGPT Turns Lincoln to Poetry

Asking the AI ChatGPT to be creative like turn the Gettysberg address into a Shakespearian sonnet and this is what we got Four score and seven years before this day,Our fathers brought forth on this continentA new nation, born of…..

Wes Moore is serious about service

Opinion by David Gergen, CNN Senior Political Analyst January 26th 2023 Erie News Traveling across the country in recent years, I discovered a sure way to fire up an audience: issue a call to young people for a year of…..

Gov. Wes Moore’s prepared remarks upon his inauguration as the 63rd governor of Maryland

Gov. Wes Moore was sworn in as Maryland’s 63rd governor and first Black executive shortly after noon on Wednesday. These are his remarks, as prepared before the ceremony, though the newly minted governor took liberty to ad-lib during his first…..

Wes Moore to be sworn in as Md. governor on Frederick Douglass’s Bible

By Joe Heim Wes Moore’s left hand will rest on history Wednesday when he takes the oath of office and becomes Maryland’s first Black governor and only the third Black governor elected in the history of the United States. Underneath his…..

Montgomery County youth overdoses increased 77% in 2022

By Nicole Asbury.  Washington Post Jan 22 2023 Officials are warning of the dangers of opioids — specifically fentanyl — after a 15-year-old student recently died of a suspected overdose A 15-year-old Montgomery County Public Schools student is the latest young person to die of…..

Maryland Gov.-elect Moore proposes ‘gap year’ for high school graduates

FREDERICK, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Maryland’s governor-elect Wes Moore proposed graduating high school seniors take a so-called “gap year” to work in their communities on a broad range of projects. They would be…..

4 Surprising Reads for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. remains a towering figure, known around the country and the world for his civil rights activism and moving speeches. But his story is not completely written, and we still have much to learn about the man and…..

Call for National Service

” The political spectrum is not a straight line. It is more like the Greek letter omega, with the left and right extremes bending toward each other. The common denominators of the hippies and the MAGA militias are a delusional…..

AmeriCorps CEO Statement on Unity through Service to Honor MLK Day

WASHINGTON, DC – To commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service, AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith released the following statement:   “Martin Luther King, Jr., Day is the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service to encourage all…..