Making sure you show up in your own story

(From 2017) Tomorrow we have our fourth Annual Storytelling Festival for the AmeriCorps programs of Maryland. Our hosts at Casa Maryland and Pablo Blank always provide a warm welcome in their amazing space. Each year, we try different things and…..

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Losing control of your story

Every year, we start a new team, and like them, we are full of good intentions. There is a need to be met among stuggling students who need another caring adult in their lives. There are inspired and generous adults…..

4 Ways To Incorporate Learning Science Research Into SEL Teaching

AUTHOR – BEN THIER As educators, staying updated on the best ways to support our students’ learning experiences can be difficult, especially given all of our other responsibilities. Luckily, the field of learning sciencehas taken on that important mission for…..


In the opening pages of the recent best-seller, Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, the book’s authors note that we as teachers tend to make a lot of assumptions about how students learn—and, therefore, about what counts as effective…..

For the Peace Studio, storytelling is community-building

By Sophia Solano Maya Soetoro-Ng, professor, nonprofit founder and former president Barack Obama’s half sister, talks about her new children’s book, ‘The First Day of Peace,’ her life’s work and her mother’s influence on her efforts The neighboring agrarian communities in…..

Why learning isn’t the most important thing kids lost during the pandemic

Perspective by Valerie Strauss There’s no question that most children have lost learning opportunities over the past year, and most did not get the same amount of schooling they would have received if there had been no coronavirus pandemic. But there are different…..

Why social-emotional learning isn’t enough to help students today

Perspective by Valerie Strauss For years now, we’ve watched a movement called social-emotional learning become popular in U.S. schools with the aim of meeting the needs of students beyond academics — a recognition that many aspects of a young person’s life…..

Coach Prime is the American Dream

By Theodore R. Johnson The University of Colorado football team is undefeated, and the sports world is in a tizzy. It’s not just the winning; it’s what the winning has come to represent. First, some context. Playing Saturday against rival Colorado…..

Courage, Caring (Collaboration) and Curiosity

Last year’s MBA Commencement at Wharton | San Francisco will linger for a lifetime in the memories of graduates, their families and other attendees. Beyond the usual snapshots and sound bites of goodbyes, caps and gowns, and hoots of joy,…..

How to heal from trauma? This psychiatrist has a playbook.

Review by Diane Cole A queasy mix of awe and anxiety consumed me after I viewed “Oppenheimer,”director Christopher Nolan’s exceptional film chronicling physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s single-minded quest to build the world’s first atomic bomb. So urgent was the deadline to…..

Most teachers are too busy to be culture warriors

By Jim Geraghty A few days ago, I attended my last back-to-school night at our local public middle school. That real-world experience offered a dramatic contrast to the perpetual online brawling today among irate parents, irate teachers and irate politicians over…..