Why teachers are Burnt Out

Since covid, students have been angry. How can teachers help? By Meghan Leahy  December 2nd 2021 Washington Post  Q: I’m not a parent, but I am a high school teacher. There is a strong undercurrent of anger among our students. I’m trying to create a safe space…..

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Science of forgetting: Why we’re already losing our pandemic memories

By Richard SimaBRAIN MATTERS Science of forgetting: Why we’re already losing our pandemic memories How much do you remember about the past three years of pandemic life? How much have you already forgotten? A lot has happened since the “Before Times.”…..

Deeply Affected by the Pandemic, Youth Are Committed to Helping Others

July 14, 2020 Young people in America have been hit hard by COVID-19, but they’re taking action to help their communities and it’s influencing their political views and engagement. Young people in America have been uniquely and disproportionately affected by…..

Youth Are Interested in Political Action, but Lack Support and Opportunities

January 30, 2023 Young people continue to believe in their—and their generation’s—political power, but some don’t feel qualified to participate. Lead author: Ruby Belle BoothContributors: Alberto Medina, Kelly Siegel-Stechler, Abby Kiesa Following a 2022 election cycle in which youth (ages 18-29) played…..

Youth Right Now: The State of Kids in America

Posted 08/19/2022 by Jim Clark, President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Our Experts It is an interesting time to gauge how kids are doing, as millions of students head back to school just over two years into a global…..

The Student Knows- MyScore

MyScore privileges  a different site and source of knowledge.It makes the student the expert, not the teacher. Not the parent. Not the researcher. What does that mean?__________________________________________________________ A DIFFERENT KIND OF RESEARCHThe researcher wants to know specifics. She wants to…..

Four myths about peer pressure

Washington Post Phyllis Fagell In seventh grade, Nathan Maynard joined a gang, hoping it would give him the sense of belonging he lacked at home. But his new friends only led him to make poor decisions, and he was sent…..

High School students at Risk

The results in the CDC’s recently released Youth Risk Behavior Survey confirm that high school students are experiencing alarming rates of violence, poor mental health, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.   In 2021:   42% of high school students felt so sad or hopeless…..

Lessons for Leading Schools in Challenging Times, With Equity in Mind

Elizabeth Ann Ross Harvard Graduate School of Education Public schools have been plagued with staffing challenges at all levels in recent years, including turnover at the top but, while some might view the current times with trepidation, Jennifer Cheatham sees possibilities. “There’s a window of opportunity…..

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Thank you Lorne Epstein for these resources Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women throughout history and in contemporary society, while also raising awareness of the challenges they still face, including discrimination, gender-based…..

Bathrooms are now some of the most dangerous places in Montgomery schools

Nicole Asberry Washington Post Feb 27th 2023 Since Montgomery County’s school year began, students have found shooting threats written on bathroom walls, Percocet residue beside toilets and swastikas drawn in stalls. Students have been caught vaping, fighting, vandalizing equipment and…..