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Edit SERVICE BRINGS THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER! Project CHANGE Montgomery is the original Montgomery County MD program of AmeriCorps, America’s “Domestic Peace Corps” for more than 20 years. AmeriCorps members serve the county’s most under-served K-12+ students inspiring them to believe…..

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The possible is always a function of the impossible

People said it was impossible to fly like a bird but a visionary said “why not try?” To that end, they discovered it was possible to invent a kite, and a balloon, and even a parachute until eventually, on a remote…..

MCPS requires masks for start of new school year

By Donna St. George  July 28th at 7:00 p.m. EDT16 With the start of classes weeks away and debate intensifying about mask mandates in schools, Maryland’s largest district opted for the cautious way forward, requiring that face coverings be worn by all. The decision…..

Let’s tap into all students’ potential

26 Jul 2021 The Washington Post Jay.mathews@washpost.com To those battling over critical race theory, here is my plea: Don’t stop teachers from seeking the hidden potential of impoverished and minority children, the most important educational movement of the past 40…..

The Anastasi Scholarships

When our Founder,  Dr Anastasi  passed away earlier this year, the family asked instead of flowers that friends send donations to Saturday School in his name. For many years, Bob worked closely with Dr. George Thomas who was a pioneer…..

How family stories help children weather hard times

By Carol Clark | eScienceCommons | April 29, 2020 Emory News Center In times of great stress, stories sustain us, says Robyn Fivush, director of the Family Narratives Lab in Emory’s Department of Psychology. Family reminiscing is especially important, says Fivush, who…..

The Importance of Offering Children an Intergenerational Identity

by Parent Co. January 29, 2018 grew up in a family of story tellers and talkers. They’re known for chatting, for saying goodbye, and then taking 45 minutes to make it out the door. It’s what they’ve always done, tales of…..

It’s Time To Consider Mandatory National Service To Help Heal Our Broken Country

NEIL PATELCO-FOUNDER AND PUBLISHER, THE DAILY CALLER Our country is broken — it’s coming apart at the seams — and it is not going to fix itself. Repairing it will take effort from all of us. It may require consideration…..

AmeriCorps Awards $600 Million in National Service Grants

More than 300 grants awarded to nonprofit and community-based organizations to support nearly 40,000 national service members May 26, 2021 16:01 ET | Source: AmeriCorps WASHINGTON, D.C., May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AmeriCorps, the federal agency for volunteering and national service, today…..

Checklist of Documents

CHECKLIST TO COMPLETE PROJECT CHANGE MEMBER FILE 1-Proof of Citizenship as in- Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport, Green Card,2- Driver License, or some official Government ID3- Copy of Social Security Card/ Pay Stub4- Copy of High School Diploma/ College Transcript5-…..

Enlist the Young

By Jonathan Holloway Dr. Holloway is the president of Rutgers University, a historian and the author, most recently, of “The Cause of Freedom: A Concise History of African Americans.” July 2, 2021 New York Times This essay is part of a…..