Getting Ready for a New Team- Goodbye to the Old Team

The Team of 2015-16 have all had their exit interviews. The Supervisors have sent them all off with words ringing with endorsement and gratitude. Here are some of the comments we heard: “Expanded our program beyond any other year.” “Took…..

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Meeting the Chronic Absenteeism Challenge What Do We Know?

Robert Balfanz Everyone Graduates Center, School of Education, Johns Hopkins University This brief aims to provide a synthesis of what we know about the district and school challenges of post-pandemic chronic absenteeism, and what can be done to meet them……

Montgomery County executive unveils spending plan with no tax increase

By Steve Thompson  Washington Post March 15 2024  Montgomery County property tax rates would hold steady while the county puts more money into schools, affordable housing and other priorities under a spending plan unveiled by County Executive Marc Elrich (D) on Thursday. Higher tax bills from…..

Four Montgomery schools lose Title I money after change in poverty metric

By Nicole Asbury Washington Post March 31 2024 Nine-year-old Leo Kennedy used tostruggle with writing. Then an enrichment teacher at Viers Mill Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md. — where Leo is a fourth-grader — started pushing him more, recounted his…..

Fighting the phone-warping of Gen Z doesn’t require government intrusion

By George F. Will Columnist|Follow authorFollow Children are like trees, only more trouble. Winds that bend young trees expand the tree’s roots on the windward side, firmly anchoring the tree. And winds strengthen the wood on the other side by compressing its…..

Here’s why Americans under 40 are so disillusioned with capitalism

By Heather Long Editorial writer and columnist Washington Post April 2 2024 I was at an event recently where several top business executives were perplexed about whyAmericans under 40 are so disillusioned with capitalism. What could they do to restore trust in our…..

Trying to decipher a man’s mind? Now there’s a name for that.

By Nick Roberts March 27, 2024 at 8:02 a.m. EDT Washington Post When Ellie Anderson, an assistant professor of philosophy at Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., had coffee with female friends, she noticed the conversation often involved dissecting the meaning of…..

My 16-year-old twins’ attitudes are a ‘full-blown problem.’ What can I do?

Dear Meghan: I’m the parent of twin 16-year-old girls. They have always been high performing in school and extracurriculars. Because of the demands on them, I have been permissive of their sometimes exaggerated personas. When they are happy, they can be…..

Screens Are Everywhere in Schools. Do They Actually Help Kids Learn?

By Jessica Grose Opinion Writer New York Times March 31st 2024 A few weeks ago, a parent who lives in Texas asked me how much my kids were using screens to do schoolwork in their classrooms. She wasn’t talking about personal devices……

The kids aren’t all right. Are phones really to blame?

In ‘The Anxious Generation,’ Jonathan Haidt argues that the move from ‘play-based childhood’ to ‘phone-based childhood’ has had disastrous effects Review by Judith WarnerMarch 22, 2024 at 10:29 a.m. EDT Washington Post If you follow the always abundant literature of What’s…..

America’s happiness score drops amid a youth ‘midlife crisis’

Washington Post March 21 2024 Victoria Bisset The United States is no longer among the world’s 20 happiest countries, according to a new report — with young people hit particularly hard and reporting lower levels of well-being than any other…..