Impact Of Service Years

Service years transform lives, strengthen communities, and fuel civic renewal. Service Years Transform Lives ( from Service Year) Service years create pathways to opportunity for young people and allow them to develop real-world experience as well as valued professional and leadership skills.  Service years…..

News & Updates

Project CHANGE does STUDY CIRCLES- Part One

The Project CHANGE team experienced Part ONE of the Study Circles today, seeing the work that members Merary and Deepna are doing every day with school communities in Montgomery County, and being led by Yesenia, a Project CHANGE alumnus from…..

Project CHANGE serves to improve students’ Academic Engagement

Today was an intense workshop on understanding the impact Project CHANGE aims to make in the lives of K-12 students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Montgomery County. We examined the official documentation and test trialed the evaluation instruments before we…..

If you want a story at the back end, design it at the front end

If you want a story to be told at the back end, the lesson the AmeriCorps Project CHANGE members learned today was that you have to design it from the front end. Yes, you can wait for things to happen…..

Tell me the story…. that got you here.

Today Project CHANGE began their story work with the simple prompt: “Tell me a story that helps me understand how you came to be here.” All the stories that came out were moving, incredible, inspiring. “I am here because I…..

Project CHANGE begins its 16th year with a great new team

September is a time for new beginnings. School is back in business and so is Project Change, with five more member slots than before, and new partners to join the collaborative work that CHANGE has been doing in Montgomery County…..

Getting Ready for a New Team- Goodbye to the Old Team

The Team of 2015-16 have all had their exit interviews. The Supervisors have sent them all off with words ringing with endorsement and gratitude. Here are some of the comments we heard: “Expanded our program beyond any other year.” “Took…..

A Monumental Time for Project CHANGE- April 15th

You might live in a big city that tourists pay a lot of money to come see, and not ever do what the tourists do. Such was the case today when Project CHANGE took time out to visit the Lincoln…..

Do the One Thing that will make all the other things easier or unnecessary

Time management is such a challenge for us all, but especially for Project CHANGE members who have to juggle their service hours with study or family or other part time job commitments to make ends meet. Sometimes, the demands can…..

The Story of Saturday School- April 22nd

Today the Project CHANGE team met to hear the story of George B Thomas Snr. and how he started the Saturday School, the 6th day of learning for disadvantaged students in Montgomery County. It is a remarkable story. Born to…..

Introduction to Mediation Training at CRCMC

Team CHANGE met  in Bethesda MD today at the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County. (CRCMC) It was a fun and instructive morning, where Tim Stranges and Maile Beers-Arthur and their team led us through the basics of Mediation. Then,…..