Creating a New Map of Life

The “New Map of Life” Project Longevity changes everything Longer lives present one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century and one of the greatest opportunities. To fully reap the gift of longevity and the real possibility of living…..

News & Updates

Getting Ready for Guest Faculty- Peer-to-Peer Group Coaching

Project Change  got off to a great start, with four Friday meetings during the month of September to get everyone into the AmeriCorps groove. The highlight was our trip to Camp Letts, on a beautiful day where the team braved the dreaded…..

Orientation for new Project Change Completed Today

Today marked the end of the Beginning for the new Project Change team. Director Paul Costello has been explaining the unique Storywise map of their AmeriCorps journey that they have all embarked on and whose goal is to create memories…..

AmeriCorps Member visits service sites in Belfast

The international outreach of AmeriCorps Project Change continued this month with the visit of graduate David Payne to Dublin and Belfast over the week of September 6th 2015. David was eager to get acquainted with the community service sector in…..

Getting Ready for the New Team of Project Change

Its been a great summer to help the amazing 2015 2015 team finish their year of service and for Project Change to recruit a whole new team. There are no shortage of applicants and people young and old attracted to…..

Greg Silber in the News

Silver Spring school aids budding comic creators Fourth-grader Diana Franco makes a comic at JoAnn Leleck Elementary School at Broad Acres in Silver Spring during an after-school comics club on Monday. Ivan Mendez has been reading comic books since at…..

AmeriCorps Project Change inspire Peace Makers in Jerusalem

Over the weekend of March 19-21 2015, Jermarkus Booker, Caprecia Camper and Ben Eichberg traveled to Jerusalem to present a snapshot of their work as young leaders fighting the urgent issues of structural racism in American education. Invited by the…..

Learning how to Save a Life

This Friday, the Project Change AmeriCorps team are having a full day of training on the latest methods of First Aid and CPR. The trainer is Richelle Barber from the YMCA. It is something you hope you never have to…..

Writing up your Journals- Some Prompts for next meeting

The Project Change team have now completed three specialist workshops- that are core to our introductory curriculum. –Social Styles which calls itself  the world’s most effective interpersonal skills training program on the market today. –Finding and Crafting a Story– A…..

Project Change learn about Mindfulness and Personal Journaling

The next training session for Project Change is with Businessman,  Teacher and Mediation Coach, Gregory Robison. Greg was formerly the Director of The Writers Center in Bethesda where he taught specialist courses in the art of Personal Journaling. He is…..

Noa Baum works her Story magic for Project Change

At our last training, Project Change members were treated to a special workshop on storytelling from one of the area’s Master Tellers, Noa Baum. Noa is an internationally known performer with her solo production of “A Land Twice Promised” that…..