Tell me the story…. that got you here.

Today Project CHANGE began their story work with the simple prompt: “Tell me a story that helps me understand how you came to be here.” All the stories that came out were moving, incredible, inspiring. “I am here because I…..

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A New York Frame of Mind

A beautiful day in New York City isn’t just a day when the sun shines and Central Park is sky blue meeting lawn green, shining out in all its glory. It is also a day when New York hotel staff…..

‘It’s Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens

By Matt Richtel Photographs by Annie Flanagan Matt Richtel spent more than a year interviewing adolescents and their families for this series on the mental health crisis.Published April 23, 2022Updated April 26, 2022Editors’ Note:This article examines the increase in anxiety, depression, self harm and…..

We are losing a generation: The devastating impacts of COVID-19

(From world Bank Blog) Governments across the globe will spend about $5 trillion on K-12 education this year.  But unless they get all children and young people back to school, keep them in class, and recover the central elements of learning,…..

What Should Education Value?

We talk a lot about the value of education, but the value of education is only as good as what education, as a whole, values. As a student of life and the broader world, I have seen how many industries…..

COVID:19 Scale of education loss ‘nearly insurmountable’, warns UNICEF

NEW YORK, 24 January 2022 – More than 635 million students remain affected by full or partial school closures. On the International Day of Education and as the COVID-19 pandemic nears its two-year mark, UNICEF shares the latest available data on the impact…..

Tying shoes, opening bottles: Pandemic kids lack basic life skills

In a normal year, up to half of Christine Jarboe’s first-graders start school knowing how to tie their shoelaces. But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, school hasn’t been normal for more than two years. So when Jarboe welcomed a fresh crop of…..

The Most Powerful Life Lessons From The Lion King

What’s your favorite animated Disney movie? That’s such a hard question, right? When it comes to Disney movies, it’s so hard to commit, isn’t it? I get it. But when I think of a movie that has shaped my life and…..

Family stories aren’t fairy tales — but kids still need to hear them

My father was always the storyteller in our family. Growing up, there were certain ones that became canon: the time his National Guard unit flattened an entire stand of trees trying to winch their tanks out of a swamp, or…..

Opinion: Montgomery County’s teachers need better working conditions

Jennifer Martin is president of the Montgomery County Education Association. The best part of my job as president of the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) is stopping by schools to talk with colleagues about their experiences on the front lines in public…..

Fading candles, a ‘sad’ horse: Students process pandemic with quilt

The quilt block depicted a dove flying through the sky, a coronavirus vaccine in its talons. The dove, created using dyed merino wool, was dropping the vaccine over the world, Max Tolka, 10, explained to his classmates at Bannockburn Elementary…..