Getting Ready for a New Team- Goodbye to the Old Team

The Team of 2015-16 have all had their exit interviews. The Supervisors have sent them all off with words ringing with endorsement and gratitude. Here are some of the comments we heard: “Expanded our program beyond any other year.” “Took…..

News & Updates

Meeting with the Supervisors

Today Project CHANGE played host to our team member supervisors. After we introduced ourselves, the Supervisors got to sample what the Team experiences in this training space most Fridays-Bells and Whistles. What were the highlights that we can share, and…..

A Day of Service at Adopt A Playroom-Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

  Today AmeriCorps Project Change are having a break in their training routine and heading down to DC to work with the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project, a very worthy cause. The team will be helping to lay some new carpet…..

The Power of Peer to Peer Coaching

Today Project Change has the pleasure of a Master Coach, Lynn Feingold, who is taking the team through the process of Peer to Peer Group Coaching, the practice the team know as Bells and Whistles at each training meeting. It…..

Do you Ask or Tell? Do you Express or Control how you feel?

Today the AmeriCorps Project CHANGE team learned about a new personal effectiveness tool known as Social Styles. Our expert John Dold put the members through their paces, inviting them to assess their personal styles under the headings of: Expressives Drivers…..

Questioning our own Cultural Assumptions Study Circles 2

What if the achievement gap was a symptom of something bigger, something more basic than just students failing exams or dropping out? What then? What if students fail or succeed due to circumstances and contexts over which they have little…..

Mindfulness and the Practices of Self Care

Today, mindfulness expert Greg Robison presents to the AmeriCorps team on one of the core practices of self-care- Mediation and Mindfulness. After two months of service, the team are already showing some signs of stress. Its normal and to be…..

Stories of defining moments- Study Circles

1900….1910….1920….1930….1940….1950….1960….1970….1980….1990….2000….2010….2015….   The sharing process of Study Circles lays down a timeline¬†1940–2016 and asks the members to think of some defining moments along that life journey, when your story was born, or came alive, or took a detour, or shifted…..

Project CHANGE does STUDY CIRCLES- Part One

The Project CHANGE team experienced Part ONE of the Study Circles today, seeing the work that members Merary and Deepna are doing every day with school communities in Montgomery County, and being led by Yesenia, a Project CHANGE alumnus from…..

Project CHANGE serves to improve students’ Academic Engagement

Today was an intense workshop on understanding the impact Project CHANGE aims to make in the lives of K-12 students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Montgomery County. We examined the official documentation and test trialed the evaluation instruments before we…..

If you want a story at the back end, design it at the front end

If you want a story to be told at the back end, the lesson the AmeriCorps Project CHANGE members learned today was that you have to design it from the front end. Yes, you can wait for things to happen…..