STUDENTS HAVE NEVER FACED SUCH SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES TO THEIR LEARNING. Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) with 165,000 Students enrolled, is one of the nations largest school disctricts and it grows every year. But since March 2020, all schools…..

News & Updates

Introduction to Mediation Training at CRCMC

Team CHANGE met  in Bethesda MD today at the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County. (CRCMC) It was a fun and instructive morning, where Tim Stranges and Maile Beers-Arthur and their team led us through the basics of Mediation. Then,…..

Non Violent Communication Seminar

Today AmeriCorps Project CHANGE team met to get ready for the Half -Yearly Interviews scheduled for later this month. They also met Dr. Bob Anastasi, who works with the George B Thomas Learning Academy and was one of the key…..

Project CHANGE Supervisors Celebrate our Members Gifts

When you convene a training meeting of Supervisors, as we did today, you expect to hear some of the real issues that members face at their work site. And you want to also hear how the Supervisors perceive the member’s…..

Cultural Jeopardy-Study Circles and the Serious Game of Culture

What is Limpia? What is a Bar Mitzvah? What is a Samosa? What cultures celebrate a different date for New Year? What faiths require men to always cover their heads? What is Ramadam? Who eats black eyed peas on New…..

Project Change experiences the Study Circles Method

The Project Change new year got off to a strong start with two trainings conducted by John Landesman and staff at Study Circles, where two of our members are serving. Study Circles has been a Project Change partner almost from…..

MLK Day of Service for AmeriCorps Project Change

Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday happens to be tomorrow, January 15th, and in his honor, on Monday January 18th, the AmeriCorps Project Change team will be participating in the annual Service Fair at the Marriott Convention Center, North Bethesda, run…..

Living Stories Comes alive at AmeriCorps

What an amazing morning at Project Change, as we played host to 20 other members of neighboring AmeriCorps programs in Maryland.  The energy was palpable and people were truly listening and honoring each others experiences as fellow members of the…..

Project Change Welcomes Neighboring AmeriCorps Programs

Tomorrow, Project Change welcomes representatives from other Maryland AmeriCorps programs, to share in a morning of Story Sharing, using the Living Stories method as pioneered by the Center for Narrative Studies. (www.Storywise.com.) The program will be a lot of fun…..

Story Craft- Part Two

I am always amazed by my guest faculty.  I must have heard Noa Baum teach a dozen or more times and yet, I always come away with new insights. Noa  runs an intense workshop on storycraft and you had better…..


As families gather and friends reunite, we take this time to express our deep gratitude to all members of  the AmeriCorps Project Change family and all our partners and supporters, without whom our work of service would not be possible……