Project Change learn about Mindfulness and Personal Journaling

The next training session for Project Change is with Businessman,  Teacher and Mediation Coach, Gregory Robison. Greg was formerly the Director of The Writers Center in Bethesda where he taught specialist courses in the art of Personal Journaling. He is  currently the director of the John Main Meditation Center at Georgetown University where he runs programs for both faculty and students on

-the art of being present to your momentary experience

-how not to get too tangled up in the dramas of the past or the future.

-how to cultivate a greater awareness of your own feelings as they arise.

Greg is also an accomplished craft printer,  writer and sketch artist. He will share his particular skills of Journaling and Life Drawing as a reflective practice.

Members of Project Change face many challenges in their work, and one of their developing skills is the art of self-care. Mindfulness has become a very popular tool for executives and leaders to stop, take a deep breath and not get caught up in the frantic urgencies of the moment. This is what Greg will be imparting to the team this week, as we celebrate Halloween.

J0hn Main Center

Noa Baum works her Story magic for Project Change

At our last training, Project Change members were treated to a special workshop on storytelling from one of the area’s Master Tellers, Noa Baum. Noa is an internationally known performer with her solo production of “A Land Twice Promised” that relates the stories of Palestinian and Israeli women, from three generations. Noa is originally from Israel and trained to be an actress. As she revealed in the story she shared with the team, she didn’t get a part in a play that she had her heart set on and that was a blow to the career ambitions of her as a 23 year old. The crisis diverted her to being a storyteller for an after school program for special needs kids. It was there that she discovered that this was her true calling.

The team worked in four different sets of pairs to find a story that they wanted to work on, and through the process of telling and retelling, they got a sense of how to craft a story. Thank you Noa Baum for an exceptional workshop.


Social Styles Training- October 10th 2014


This Friday, October 10th, Project Change will enjoy the skills and experience of expert trainor and former Executive Manager of Lickheed Martin, John Dold.

John Dold has practiced organization development consulting for more than twenty years. Most recently, John worked as an internal consultant for Lockheed Martin from 2000-2013. During this time, he led and participated in numerous large scale change initiatives. His work focused on organizational design and restructuring, strategic change, performance management systems, high performance team development and leadership development.

Before working at Lockheed Martin, John was senior consultant at VIMA International. While at VIMA, John focused on senior executive leadership and team development working with clients that included Freddie Mac, MITRE, International Monetary Fund, National Public Radio and Life Technologies. He also facilitated numerous Looking Glass leadership development institutes for a variety of clients as a certified facilitator and adjunct faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership, headquartered in Greensboro, NC.

Prior to working in the corporate world, John worked in ministry. His efforts in ministry focused on enabling effective parish ministry organizations. This included community organizing initiatives to empower neighborhoods and families. Beginning in the fall of 2014, John will be adjunct faculty at Touro College, New York City, teaching a graduate course on organization design in the industrial organization psychology department.

Americorps 2014-Time for a new Look

Project Change is 13 years young in a year that celebrates AmeriCorps 20th birthday. While the organizations have been around a while, the power of service and its capacity to inspire is forever fresh. As we initiate a new class of AmeriCorps volunteers, we are excited to involve them in reshaping our story and the look of our web site so that it shows the true face of their inspiring work. Stay Tuned.