Changing Mindsets-Re-building Trust

I have just finished a ZOOM meeting with Ben, one of the great members of Project CHANGE 2019-2020 and I just want to share the overflow of our conversation so that I do not forget what came out of our…..

Commission Submits Recommendations to Encourage Americans to Serve

“We found that as the case was 200 years ago during the earliest days of the republic, America’s extraordinary and long-standing spirit of service continues to shape our nation,” said Joe Heck, the commission chairman. “Americans repeatedly step up in support…..

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine.

By Steven Yoder June 19, 2020 at 11:03 a.m. EDTAdd to list Leah Hampton, an eighth-grader at Falling Creek Middle School in Virginia, jokes that without her friends she’d sleep through school. Seeing them was “the best part of the day,” she…..

Baltimore students protest for anti-racist curriculum: ‘We don’t know the truth’

By Lauren Lumpkin June 19, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. EDTAdd to list A’niya Taylor, a 16-year-old student at Baltimore City College, smoothed her green hair and held onto a microphone. “This is not a moment, but a movement!” she shouted. Taylor has…..

As long as Montgomery County fails to teach children to read, it will have gaps

No one who has paid attention could be surprised by the recent report that Montgomery County has failed to narrow test score gaps. Karin Chenoweth is a longtime education writer and the parent of two graduates of Montgomery County’s Albert Einstein High School……

Lockdowns are taking a toll on young people’s mental health. Everyone should be alarmed.

The data are stark on this point. Among those aged 18 to 29, 42 percent reported symptoms of anxiety and 36 percent had symptoms of depression. Those numbers decline with each successive age cohort, reaching their low points among respondents…..

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

We salute your service and your perseverance through tough times. You all stayed in the story of service and worthily celebrated your achievements together yesterday. Project CHANGE is proud of what you have done.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019-2020

Yesterday, we held our graduation event on ZOOM brilliantly organized by member Genean Hines Grobe and catered for by member Claire Ettinger. It was our first ever graduation event held virtually and it was a lot of fun. Three members…..

Black Lives Matter – A Statement from The Corps Network

We stand with the Black community, as well as other people of color, who have been living with and fighting against systemic racism for decades. Our country has work to do to stand up to racism, oppression, and injustice wherever…..

But what do the students feel about themselves in all of this?

The AmeriCorps members of Project CHANGE Montgomery meet each week and compare notes on how they think their students are coping. While most kids are taking it in their stride, a lot are battling difficult conditions at home, finding study…..