Making sure you show up in your own story

(From 2017) Tomorrow we have our fourth Annual Storytelling Festival for the AmeriCorps programs of Maryland. Our hosts at Casa Maryland and Pablo Blank always provide a warm welcome in their amazing space. Each year, we try different things and…..

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Why I Love Doing Homework (Even If My Kids Hate It)

Saul Austerlitz in NYT Magazine 9.10.23 My kids call me the homework villain. Every school-day afternoon, my two sons — the older is entering sixth grade, the younger second grade — return home and gather snacks before beginning the day’s…..

22 years later, teachers reflect on how 9/11 is remembered in the classroom

BY LEXI LONAS – 09/11/23 6:00 AM ET The Hill More than two decades after Sept. 11, 2001, educators who watched the terror attacks unfold live on TV see slow changes in how the tragic day is honored in classrooms.  Teachers are…..

As my end nears, I crave the soul-to-soul connection of seeing friends in person

By Paul Woodruff September 7, 2023 at 6:45 a.m. EDT Paul Woodruff, a professor of philosophy emeritus at the University of Texas at Austin, is finishing a book called “Surviving Technology.” My good friends know that my end is near. Several…..

The young activists shaking up the kids’ online safety debate

By Cristiano Lima When lawmakers began investigating the impact of social media on kids in 2021, Zamaan Qureshi was enthralled. Since middle school he’d watched his friends struggle with eating disorders, anxiety and depression, issues he said were “exacerbated” by platforms like Snapchat…..

Postgame melee in Bethesda has high school parents outraged

By Jack Stripling WP September 5th 2023 A spate of violent altercations in downtown Bethesda on Friday night, following a high school football game, has renewed concerns among students, parents and school administrators about the safety of such events.Fast, informative and written just for locals……

In a crisis, schools are 100,000 mental health staff short

By Donna St. George  WP September 5th 2023 A few years ago, Christopher Page Jr.’s Colorado high school was rocked by a spate of student deaths, including three by suicide. So the longtime principal was troubled when he couldn’t fill a school psychologist job for…..

How to raise superpowered tweens in turbulent times

By Phyllis Fagell In the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” Miles Morales is 13 when he gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Overnight, his pants are too short, he sweats profusely when he talks to a girl at school, and he’s…..

Teens are crumbling under extreme pressure. Parents need to change.

By Amy Joyce  WP August 28th 2023 Several years ago, Jennifer Breheny Wallace noticed research was emerging that showed children who attended “high-achieving schools” were experiencing higher rates of behavioral and mental health challenges. It was so stark that youths in these schools were added…..

Where Are the Students?

By David Leonhardt If you’re a child — or a former child — you know how hard it can be to summon the energy to leave the house each day for school. It’s early in the morning, and you are tired……

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