Why teachers are Burnt Out

Since covid, students have been angry. How can teachers help? By Meghan Leahy  December 2nd 2021 Washington Post  Q: I’m not a parent, but I am a high school teacher. There is a strong undercurrent of anger among our students. I’m trying to create a safe space…..

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Study: 4 Cities in Montgomery County Rank in Top 10 Most Ethnically Diverse in U.S.

Michelle McQueen MyMCM According to a study by Wallet Hub, four of the top 10 most diverse cities in the country are in Montgomery County. The finance website placed Germantown, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Rockville in its top ten “2023’s…..

Jimmy Carter’s grace and vulnerability

Robin Givhan Washington Post February 22nd 2023 The photographs of President Jimmy Carter during his time in the White House aren’t unlike those of other men who’ve held that office. Mostly they are dignified snapshots of him shaking hands with…..

The all-volunteer force turns 50 — and faces its worst crisis yet

Max Boot Washington Post February 13th 2023 Fifty years ago, in early 1973, with U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War coming to a close, the Nixon administration announced the end of draft call-ups. The armed forces, which had been dependent on conscripts…..

Golden rules for learning for students

from Rehan AllahwalaFounder Social Media Incubator This is extract from the book, Outwitting the Devil from Napoleon Hill, which i consider the best book for all educators to learn. Reverse the present system by giving children the privilege of leading…..

Being Grateful

Watch this delightful video music on gratitude.

American teens are unwell because American society is unwell

Kate Woodhouse Washington Post Feb 18th 2023 Kids are unwell. Worse than ever recorded, according to two new reports tracing depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors in teens. There is a frantic search for ways to stop kids from hurting……

Don’t fret over antisemitism in schools. We have restorative circles.

My favorite quote about writing — or anything else, for that matter — comes from George Orwell’s essay, “Politics and the English Language”: “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.” Orwell’s insight was that politicians and institutions use meaningless phrases…..

Black on Black- Daniel Black


The crisis in American girlhood

Donna St George Katherine Lewis Lindsay Bever… Washington Post Feb 18th 2023 When Sophie Nystuen created a website for teens who had experienced trauma, her idea was to give them space to write about the hurt they couldn’t share. The Brookline, Mass.,…..

Teen girls ‘engulfed’ in violence and trauma, CDC finds

By Donna St. George  Washington Post Feb 14th 2023 Teen girls across the United States are “engulfed in a growing wave of violence and trauma,” according to federal researchers who released data Monday showing increases in rape and sexual violence, as well as record levels of feeling sad…..