Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Monifa McKnight steps down

Nicole Asbury Washington Post Feb 2nd 2024 Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Monifa B. McKnight stepped down Friday amid questions about how the district handled sexual harassment, bullying and other allegations involving a former principal. McKnight — the first woman to…..

Council members admonish Montgomery school officials’ handling of misconduct reports

Nicole Asbury Washington Post Feb 9th 2024 The Montgomery County Council chastised school system officials Thursday for their handling of misconduct complaints involving employees, including the district’s release of a lightly redacted report on allegations involving a former principal that came out…..

Montgomery school board apologizes for mishandling misconduct complaints

Nicole Asbury Washington Post Feb 7th 2024 Montgomery County school board members apologizedTuesdayfor the district’s failures in handling of employee misconduct complaints and vowed to heal the school system. “We are deeply sorry for the pain that this has caused…..

Public Untruths

John Lukacs in The Passing of the Modern Age (1977). “The sometimes hopeless slowness in the movement of ideas makes life difficult for the young who, even more than adults, are very much dependent upon the ideas of others. This…..

Strategies for Leveling the Educational Playing Field

BY Elizabeth M. Ross As an academic, David Deming says it is always tempting to think that we have to better understand major problems before we can solve them but, when it comes to the profound disparities in K–12 education in America, he…..

2023 In Eight Points: Meditating On Our Planetary Moment

Otto Sharmer As the year draws to an end and we head into 2024, I feel the need to close the feedback loop between all the challenges of 2023 and my own sensemaking. Here are three tangible things that stand…..

The Joy of Communal Girlhood, the Anguish of Teen Girls

OPINION  JESSICA BENNETT New York Times December 31st 2023  OK, I’ll admit it. When I learned of hot girl walks, I tried it: Go on a walk, think about how hot you are, do not talk (or think) about men. I thought girl dinner was pretty funny, too. Adult…..

Moore promises no tax hikes, trims money for state programs in a ‘refocus’

By Erin Cox Washington Post January 18th 2024 After warning for months that Maryland needed to rein in its costs and boost its economy, Gov. Wes Moore (D) on Wednesday released a $63.1 billion budget proposal that aims to do that without raising taxes.F His budget,…..

Robert Rosenthal, Who Linked Subtle Cues to Behavior, Dies at 90

Jan. 19, 2024 New York Times By Clay Risen Robert Rosenthal, a psychologist renowned as an expert in nonverbal communication, and in particular what he called the “self-fulfilling prophecies” in which subtle, often unconscious, gestures can influence behavior, died on Jan……

Maryland’s economic woes predate pandemic, report finds

By Erin Cox. Washington Post Jan 4th 2024 Maryland’s economic woes predate the pandemic and “serve as flashing yellow lights for the state’s fiscal health,” according to a first-of-its-kind economic analysis released Wednesday by Comptroller Brooke E. Lierman’s office. The report, written by state economists and policy…..