The ABC’s of Financial Literacy

Today at training, Project CHANGE was treated to an expert  financial manager, Maria McElhenny, former Chevy Chase bank manager and entrepreneur. Maria did not pull any punches and said her passion is to scare young people into facing financial realities,…..

The Good News of the Half Yearly Check Ins

It is always heartening to visit all the members and their Supervisors for their Half Year Check-in and hear the good news of the amazing service delivered by the Project Change members. Of course, there are challenges but not once…..

Meeting with Supervisors Today

Always good to hear the good news and feedback from the front lines of the service- from the Member’s Supervisors, who met today at GBTLA -Project CHANGE offices, to catch up and review the  last 6 months. Here are some…..

MYSCORE-Project CHANGE innovating a new Approach

WHY THE APPROACH? Our students these days are used to being tested on a regular basis. Critics  would say, they are tested more than they are taught. The teachers and the test givers obtain the students’ scores, share them with…..

When I simply Listen-When Someone truly Listens to me- A Team poem

When I simply Listen I am more conscious of what the speaker is saying I matter I get sleepy I feel I am doing what I am meant to do I seem to lose focus and need to catch myself…..

Learning to Tell Stories that Matter- Noa Baum

In between her book tour and her performances, Noa Baum stopped by Project CHANGE today to share her skills. Since our program believes so much in the power of narrative to help us deepen our experience of service and to…..

Stories about Members- Wendy at Saturday School

Ms. Pintado, the AmeriCorp member has been helping to edit college entrance essays, creating outlines with the students. In addition, she has been helping the students choose their college of choice. Ms. Pintado has also edited student resumes so they…..

Stories about our members-Diana Rubio at Kemp Mills Elementary

Diana is biliterate in English and Spanish, and she is a great role-model for all the students in my classroom! She supports all the students in the class and has demonstrated a strong commitment to their learning. She has been…..

Stories about our members: Alma at Benchmarks loves Words

“Alma is very receptive to the needs of the students in the after school program.  Through relationship building with program youth, Alma has noticed that some of the participants share her passion for words/vocabulary.  Noticing this as a way to further engage…..

Mapping the Middle- Project CHANGE declare a Middle

After the holiday break, the Project CHANGE team reassembled today to catch up and greet the new year. It was also time to revisit the journey of service and claim that we are just about half way, to declare a…..