The Real Rosa Parks Story Is Better Than the Fairy Tale

The way we talk about her covers up uncomfortable truths about American racism. By Jeanne Theoharis Dr. Theoharis is a professor of political science and the author of eleven books on the civil rights and Black Power movements including “The Rebellious…..

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Farewell to my COVID Corps of AmeriCorps Project CHANGE 2019-2020

Hi Team, It’s Friday. I have just spent the morning on E-Grants filling in final forms for each of you to officially end your year of service and be exited from the system. You should receive some notice of that in your MyAmericorps……

America needs a post-COVID national service program

National Catholic Reporter July 13 2020 Yonce Shelton Christ’s followers are to be known by their fruits. As I wake from my slumber, I am compelled by the thought of all the fruit at the food pantry that must be sorted and distributed today. This…..

Considerations for MCPS Fall 2020 Recovery MCPS Fall 2020: Reimagine, Reopen, Recover

The MCPS Fall 2020: Reimagine, Reopen, Recover Guide provides an overview of a few of the recovery models we are considering at this time, in light of the information and guidance MCPS has received from the Maryland State Department of…..

Montgomery County students could start classes remotely, return to campus gradually in the fall

By Donna St. GeorgeJuly 11, 2020 at 2:49 p.m. EDT Maryland’s largest school system would open the school year Aug. 31 with remote learning and gradually bring students back on campus for up to two days a week in the fall, under a…..

Congress’s bipartisan national-service bill would be a powerful tonic for what’s ailing America

Opinion by David IgnatiusColumnist July 8, 2020 at 6:07 p.m. EDT Congress is weighing a big idea as it bargains over the next stimulus package: a bipartisan proposal to expand national-service programs to create jobs, help contain the coronavirus pandemic and begin to…..

On the Road to School Re-Openings – How to Get our bearings

The Principles of Narrative Design (POND) kick in whenever we face the question-What should we do now? They teach us five important lessons. 1.Who we are is Where we are. 2. Where we are is what we are In-Between.3.We are…..

Four ways for Joe Biden to reset our polarized and dysfunctional politics (Excerpt)

…… National service, national dividend Steven Pearlstein wrote this piece for The Washington Post. July 5th 2020 G2 The greatest threat to American capitalism and American democracy is the erosion of our social capital, the trust and responsibility we feel for each other and…..

Montgomery County’s public schools are still segregated. It’s time to fix that.

Opinion by Nate Tinbite, Ananya Tadikonda and Matt PostJuly 3, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. EDT Nate Tinbite is a former student member of the Montgomery County Board of Education and a recent graduate of John F. Kennedy High School. Ananya Tadikonda is a former…..

Changing Mindsets-Re-building Trust

I have just finished a ZOOM meeting with Ben, one of the great members of Project CHANGE 2019-2020 and I just want to share the overflow of our conversation so that I do not forget what came out of our…..

Commission Submits Recommendations to Encourage Americans to Serve

“We found that as the case was 200 years ago during the earliest days of the republic, America’s extraordinary and long-standing spirit of service continues to shape our nation,” said Joe Heck, the commission chairman. “Americans repeatedly step up in support…..