Why teachers are Burnt Out

Since covid, students have been angry. How can teachers help? By Meghan Leahy  December 2nd 2021 Washington Post  Q: I’m not a parent, but I am a high school teacher. There is a strong undercurrent of anger among our students. I’m trying to create a safe space…..

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Two-Thirds of Kids Struggle to Read, and We Know How to Fix It

  By Nicholas Kristof  New York Times February 13th 2023  A lovely aphorism holds that education isn’t the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. But too often, neither are pails filled nor fires lit. One of the most bearish statistics for the future of the…..

My experience shows Black History Month’s importance — then and now

By Colbert I. King Columnist|Follow Washington Post February 11th 2023 In this second week of Black History Month, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) reintroduced their bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal to approximately 200,000 African Americans who served with the…..

MLK Riverside Speech with Michael Ealy

…”Perhaps a more tragic recognition of reality took place when it became clear to me that the war was doing far more than devastating the hopes of the poor at home. It was sending their sons and their brothers and…..

Black History Month Study

Thank you Lorne for this Black History Month is a time to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and immense contributions of Black individuals throughout history. It is a time to reflect on the struggles and triumphs of the Black community,…..

The Immigrant Experience in Montgomery County, Maryland

Maryland’s historical legacies of opportunity and openness to diverse immigrants continue to characterize Montgomery County, as a third of its residents are foreign born and over forty percent speak a language besides English. Concurrently, Native peoples and the descendants of…..

For long covid fatigue, a strategy called ‘pacing’ helps, but at a cost

Amanda Morris Washington Post February 7th 2023 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is it like to live with the chronic fatigue of long covid? It feels like dragging your body through wet cement, says Judy Schaefer, 58, a once avid hiker who lives…..

For MLK Day- Boston’s ‘Embrace’ holds fast to the whitewashed view of MLK

Karen Attiah, Washington Post January 21, 2023 “Most of my rebellions are against mediocrity,” the writer Anais Nin said. In that spirit, then, let me rebel: When it comes to the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., America…..

Guide to the best Black History Month events around Washington

Fritz Hahn Washington Post Feb 3 2023 Black history is Washington’s history, every month of the year. The city is home to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, but numerous museums showcase Black excellence. The Mall bore…..

A service year- Governor Moore

Erin Cox Washington Post Feb 5th 2023 During the campaign, Moore proposed offering recent high school graduates a one-year opportunity to be paid for doing public service, either for the government or for another nonprofit. (The governor emphasized service during his…..

Can a counselor help a generation catch up on all the pandemic took?

Katie Shepherd Washington Post February 5th 2023 Inside the gym at Paint Branch High School on a rainy Wednesday in January, hundreds of kids gathered during their lunch period in a distinctly pre-pandemic scene: Unmasked, they broke off into groups…..