But what do the students feel about themselves in all of this?

The AmeriCorps members of Project CHANGE Montgomery meet each week and compare notes on how they think their students are coping. While most kids are taking it in their stride, a lot are battling difficult conditions at home, finding study…..

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Wes Moore wants Md. students to do a year of service after graduating

Ovetta Wiggins  Washington Post Sep 24th 2022 Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Wes Moore (D) wants to create a new rite of passage to adulthood for high school graduates: a year of public service. The idea of having young Americans spend a year providing service in their communities has…..

Do you think our schools are worse than ever? You’re wrong.

Perspective by Jay Mathews Washington Post Sep 25th 2022 Pandemic was bad, but last half century shows steady improvement, particularly in math Pessimism about American public schools runs deep, particularly with the latest federal sampling tests showing a sharp drop in achievement among 9-year-olds because of…..

How to make friends with your inner critic

Try to quiet the harsh, judging voice by naming it, offering counterexamples and staying mindful By Lakeasha Sullivan Washington Post Sep 21st 2022 Lakeasha Sullivan, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Atlanta. You are so stupid……

Montgomery students are meeting literacy expectations but are behind in math

By Nicole Asbury Montgomery County students met the school system’s performance target in reading but fell short of goals in math for the last school year, according to academic data shared with the school board Thursday. Overall, 71.7 percent of students…..

Civic Engagement as an Ideology!!!A Cautionary Read

An interesting book of research on AmeriCorps that challenges us deeply to think about the mission and the structures that we operate in that often are intended to make us ineffective. Sara Carpenter Thesis AbstractOver the last twenty years, the…..

Mental Health Is Political

By Danielle Carr Dr. Carr is an assistant professor at the Institute for Society and Genetics at U.C.L.A. Sept. 20, 2022 New York Times Sep 20th 2022 What if the cure for our current mental health crisis is not more mental…..

Schoolchildren’s pandemic struggles, made worse by U.S. policies

Review by Hannah Natanson Washington Post Sep 4th 2022 We have all heard, by this point, that school closures during the first year of the pandemic damaged children. We have heard that children slid behind where they should be academically,…..

School Is for Hope

By Gabrielle Oliveira  NYT Sep 1 2022 It was a cold day in January 2019, and Heidi, who was 6 years old, was ready for her first day of school in the United States. Her father, Jorge, woke up early to help her with her…..

School Is for Care

By Jessica Grose    NYT Sep 1 2022 Kimberly Wilson’s TikTok videos often begin with the back of a little girl’s head. The child’s hair is matted, and Wilson, who works at Butcher-Greene Elementary in Grandview, Mo., begins to gently comb out the snarls. By the end…..

In one word, how does it feel to be a teacher right now?

These 12 Teachers Don’t See Themselves as Superheroes Give this article Across the United States, education has become one of the hottest and most keenly felt political issues. Ever since the Covid pandemic began, governors, mayors, union officials, legislators and…..