A Monumental Time for Project CHANGE- April 15th

You might live in a big city that tourists pay a lot of money to come see, and not ever do what the tourists do. Such was the case today when Project CHANGE took time out to visit the Lincoln Memorial, and walk through to the  MLK and FDR memorials to end at the Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin. For some members, though they are locals, this was their first visit.

We stood on the spot where Martin Luther King Jnr gave his defining ‘I have a Dream” speech, and then traveled to the new MLK memorial that embodies a phrase from that 1963 speech,”Out of the Mountain of Despair we will carve a Stone of Hope.”


To spend time in such inspiring places was in keeping with the mission of Project CHANGE. ┬áThese great statues were first built to remember history, but then become places where new history is also made. The stories that matter are ones that keep growing new chapters. Of course, the CHANGE team don’t see themselves in the same class as these great heroes, but nevertheless, they are part of that unfolding story of leadership through service of something greater than oneself. Well Done Project CHANGE.