Alumnus gets Promotion


I am proud to announce that Cleydi Pacheco is Community Life’s new Director of Resident Services. As many of you know, Cleydi came to MHP in 2000 as an AmeriCorps Project CHANGE intern. Cleydi joined the Americorps team even when she did not speak any or much English. Yet she was an effective and committed member.

After completing her two years of service, she was hired as the Site Coordinator for Amherst and Pembridge. Cleydi has led and supervised almost all the programs at Amherst and Pembridge, and due to her strong leadership, she was promoted to Sr. Programs Managers a few years ago. Now, she is our new Director of Resident Services. Cleydi has continued her service with Project CHANGE as the supervisor of members assigned to MHP every year. Please help me congratulate her on this new journey, Felicidades Cleydi.