Congratulations to the Class of 2019-2020

Yesterday, we held our graduation event on ZOOM brilliantly organized by member Genean Hines Grobe and catered for by member Claire Ettinger. It was our first ever graduation event held virtually and it was a lot of fun. Three members shared their stories and toasted and celebrated each other for their year of service. The highlight was the special presentations by AmeriCorps members summing up their year.

Maria shared her love for the students of Kemp Mills Elementary School. When her sister died during the year, Maria took time off to be with her family and when she finally returned to service, the students in Grade 5 wlecomed her back with so much love and enthusiasm. One kid told her exactly how many days she had been away- he had been counting the days.

Lex shared highlights of her work with Courageous Queens with Family Learning Solutions and how she came into this work. Lex emphasized how important it is for young people to have the courage to believe in themselves.

And Genean…well, you can hear her speak for herself here. Enjoy and be inspired.