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Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) with 165,000 Students enrolled, is one of the nations largest school disctricts and it grows every year. But since March 2020, all schools have shutdown, leaving kids cut off from their peers, depriving them of normal healthy social outlets. The virtual platforms of learning might be able to teach math or science but they cannot make up for losses in Social/Emotional learning, the very skills students need most to deal with the crisis. This is where you come in.

Every child needs one on one attention, especially struggling students, who battle to believe in themselves. Project CHANGE is dedicated to the 5C’s curriculum that says every student needs to grow in Confidence, Curiosity, Collaboration, Courage and Career/future focused learning. Guided by internationally known teachers, the best narrative and coaching faculty in the region, the Project CHANGE 2020-21 team will serve together to tackle the COVID19 challenge to learning. By serving directly in schools and in after-school programs with leading non-profit organizations, AmeriCorps members commit to a year serving students so that they not just catch up, but “catch on fire” with their own love of learning.

For 20 years, AmeriCorps Project CHANGE Montgomery has combined a traditional AmeriCorps placement with the most innovative training and supervision drawn from the complementary disciplines of the narrative method and peer to peer executive coaching. 2020-21 will offer the same amazing faculty that includes Disaster Relief specialist Mary Fowler (Trauma informed teaching) performer and author Noa Baum, ( on how to tell a story) Therapist Jonathan Zeitlin ( Mindfulness and Zen) executive master coach Lynn Feingold ( the art of peer to peer coaching) Lockheed Martin retired manager John Dold ( Building a Team) author and Professor, Dr. Jean Freedman ( How Improv can improve performance) Women’s Business Coach, Maria Mcelhenny ( financial Literacy ) and many others. This outstanding team has been brought together under the leadership of world authority on narrative method and Project CHANGE director, Paul Costello.

Project CHANGE Montgomery is the original Montgomery County MD program of AmeriCorps, America’s “Domestic Peace Corps.” Because this year is different, the new team will form a specialist MCPS task force to help lead on the COVID19 response. Places are available from mid August 2020 to mid-August 2021. Members serve the county’s most under-served K-12+ students inspiring them to believe in themselves enough to achieve. Project CHANGE uses its own Phone App called MYSCORE, the innovative SEL tool that allows students to self-assess their growth in the 5C’s and reach out to the members to help them grow more confident, curious, collaborative, courageous and career/future focused learners.

In return, members receive training, a living stipend, a 6K educational scholarship, health benefits, professional mentoring, a team of supportive peers, connection to AmeriCorps alumni, preference in hiring for many organizations, and overall a life-changing experience. Positions are full time (1700 hours over 12 months) and two positions are Half Time (900 hours over a year.)

Assignments in Montgomery County’s Project CHANGE include the following outstanding nonprofit and educational organizations:

  • Montgomery County Public Schools: 7 POSITIONS ACROSS MCPS

Project CHANGE places 6 members Full Time and two members Half Time in the MCPS school system where students need the most support and would most benefit from a committed mentor. Members serve as Teacher’s assistants in the classroom.

Listed are some of the placments of previous years:

Kemp Mills Elementary School ( In classroom support for bi-lingual grade 5s)
Brown Station Elementary School ( In classroom support)
Jackson Road Elementary School ( In classroom support)
Kings View Middle School ( In classroom support)

Gaithersburg High School ( assist ESOL and METS program students)

Thomas Edison School of Technology CREA ( assist 18-21 with GED-work readiness)
George B Thomas Learning Academy ( assist Saturday school classes)
Seneca Valley High School CREA ( Assist CREA program)
MCPS Restorative Justice Unit ( Assist head office run program)


Member serves in a Middle School program based at Sliver Creek Middle School in Kensington and supports 25 middle schoolers from high needs communities.

Community Bridges
Up to four members serve over 350 girls from Grade4-14 with an after school program that helps empower girls to succeed.

Caring Matters
A member serves with Caring Matters to run Good Grief Clubs that are grief support groups in schools to help students who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Family Learning Solutions
Up to two members assist students in middle and High School overcome the achievement gap and learn healthy ways to grow and succeed.

Montgomery Housing Partnership
Familes that live in MHP affordable housing communites are served by MHP community centers where students gather for after school programs for K, elementary and middle school. Members help staff and run these centers.

All applicants must be high school graduates and American citizens or permanent residents. Send a copy of your resume and a letter of interest and be prepared for an interview over may-June.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $18,000.00 /year