High School students at Risk

The Future of Construction Depends on High School Students

The results in the CDC’s recently released Youth Risk Behavior Survey confirm that high school students are experiencing alarming rates of violence, poor mental health, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.  

In 2021:  

  • 42% of high school students felt so sad or hopeless almost every day 
  • 29% of high school students experienced poor mental health  
    22% of high school students seriously considered attempting suicide.  

The results above—and others found in the report—reveal an increasingly urgent mental health crisis for high school students.  

How can schools prevent and intervene to help students NOW?   

Targeted suicide education and support for students and staff is a critical to prevention and intervention. BASE Education, a student mental health solution, was founded to support kids in crisis and prevent suicide.   

  • The Suicide Prevention Module for Studentsnormalizes intense feelings of adolescence and teaches them how to identify feelings, help-seeking behaviors for themselves, copings strategies, and more.  
  • The Suicide Prevention Module for Educators teaches how to identify students, when and how to properly refer students, facts about risk, and how to be a part of prevention, intervention, and postvention.   

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