How To Craft a Story- Noa Baum

This Friday, AmeriCorps Project Change members will be treated to a Master Class in Story Craft maxresdefaultfrom a Master Teller and Performer Noa Baum. Noa is originally from Israel where she studied acting and came to UC Davis to be with her American husband and further develop her craft. She is famous for the One Woman Show “A Land Twice Promised” the stories of three generations of Israeli and Palestinian women, a show she has taken around the world.

At this seminar, Noa will help the team find a story from their lives and develop it into powerful testimony. She will also teach members how the power of the story resides with the power of the listener, to draw a story out of the teller. She models what “Listening with Delight” means and how powerful an experience that is for any teller. It proves the point that we rarely have that quality of listening in our lives, and rarely do we give it to anyone. And more’s the pity. Noa is a long time friend of the Project Change director and they have collaborated on many projects before, including the famous Golden Fleece Story Group in Washington DC , the Washington Ireland Peace program, and New Story Leadership. For more information on Noa and her work, go to her web site.