Look around-What’s breaking your heart?

Holy Thursday: Radical Call to Be Served and to Serve | The Ampersand

“What do I tell my 20-something children who see only a bleak future ahead for themselves?”

First, let’s acknowledge that we need both minds and hearts to get anything done on this planet of ours, and in this country of ours. We can’t be all intellect and we can’t be all heart. We need the balance of both.

Second, take the question down to the personal, 20-somethings. (And 30–90-somethings, I added.)

Here’s my answer to the question:

Start where you are.
Look around.
What’s breaking your heart?
When you can answer that, hold still.
Search deep within yourself to discover what you want to do about it.
Do that.

That’s how all futures are made, Beloved.


One personal dream at a time.

“The most radical thing you can do is stay home,” so sayeth Gary Snyder in answer to how we address climate change.

Let that inform your dreaming, Beloved.

Stay home inside yourself.

Make a difference right where you are, with what you have right now because those are the actions that taken altogether will invite those angels to swoop in at scale and at growing-to warp speed to transform all of us — together — for the better.

Dr. Susan Corso is a spiritual teacher, the founder of iAmpersand, and the author of The Mex Mysteries, the Boots & Boas Books, and spiritual nonfiction. Her website is susancorso.com.