MCPS High School Principals- AmeriCorps makes an offer

Dear  Principal and Career Guidance Team,

As we approach the end of another year, I wanted to make an offer regarding some of your amazing students who you wish could stay on for an extra year. There are always some student leaders who contribute so much by their presence and example, that you will miss them when they are gone. What we are proposing is a way that you could possibly facilitate the continuing service of these student leaders in your school for 2022-23.  Let me explain.

AmeriCorps Project CHANGE is Montgomery County’s original AmeriCorps program, started by former MCPS principal Dr.  Bob Anastasi and Superintendent Jerry Weast back in 2001. For 20 years, Project CHANGE has served the community and its students, and come the end of your school year, we  begin our recruiting for 16 new members of our team for the coming year. 

Candidates have to be 18, have a high school diploma, be American citizens or green card holders, and be able to devote an uninterrupted year to service. Selected to be Members, they will serve in MCPS schools- potentially your school-  and in After School programs. A member who serves 35 hours a week, (Fridays are trainings days)  receives a living allowance of $21,500 and health insurance, plus 300 hours of personal and professional development. At the completion of their 1700 hours, they receive a $6,450 Segal Education award. They are supported, trained and supervised by our AmeriCorps team of professionals.

Imagine some of your best students applying to AmeriCorps Project CHANGE, serving back in the school from which they just graduated, working as a peer mentor and classroom support to the teachers and staff. Imagine that you help us customize a role for that student that you know so well that will excite them, and bring out the best of their talents.

MCPS John Landesman leads Study Circles for the AmeriCorps team

And here is the good news. Because MCPS is our partner, all the costs are paid by the school system. All you have to do is help us recruit and select, and then provide the supervision and support throughout the year. It is a win-win for you, the student and ourselves, because we both get the best students, and MCPS harvests the gifts it has helped create among its student population.  If you are interested in having a chat about this, with no obligation, Mr John Di Tomasso is serving as our High School liaison. He is Project CHANGE Chairman, and a former MCPS principal himself and  he is happy to talk you through the options. 

Congratulations to the class of 2022 and to you, the school team that got them through. If you wanted a chance to enlist your best for a year of giving back, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours Sincerely

Paul Costello Executive Director Project CHANGE
John Di Tomasso Project CHANGE Chairman
Khadija Barkley Head of Saturday School