Meeting with the Supervisors

Image result for best supervisorsToday Project CHANGE played host to our team member supervisors. After we introduced ourselves, the Supervisors got to sample what the Team experiences in this training space most Fridays-Bells and Whistles. What were the highlights that we can share, and what were the issues that we might invite reflection and feedback from the group.

The testimony of the Supervisors to the members was absolutely glowing. Here are a few of the comments we heard.

“competent, goes the extra mile, really gets the family support role, kids love her.
” really fitted into our teacher community, like one of the family. Just wish she would advocate more for herself. She takes initiative and is talking about starting some after school clubs. She manages to cope with a crazy schedule.”
“She is a real self-starter, always organized, even when I am not, always gets things done, and goes above and beyond.”
“Would love to work more with her, she has so much to offer, especially the language skills that we do not have.”
“They are smart, energetic and have really learned to be their best advocates, and are sometimes dedicated beyond what we could even expect.”
“The kids really love him, they know he cares, and he relates so well to the families.”
“She does a great job, organized, and on top of her job. She gets anxious when she is doing something totally new, but is willing to give it a try.”
“He is very caring, doing an excellent job, and now, one of the teachers has let him take the lead, and he loves the kids and they love and respect him.  He puts his all into it.”
“They are very professional, and know what they are doing. They work well with the students, and we are happy to have them.”

Thank you to the Supervisors for all you do to make Project CHANGE a success.