Project CHANGE sings the Blues

Jalen N'Gonda 'If Only Honey Was As Sweet As You' - The Henry Westons  Sessions - #cheltjazzfest - YouTube

Today Project CHANGE was treated to a Master Class in Music from the inimitable Jalen N’gonda. Those who know the team for the last three years might recognize the family name.

Jalen is back from the UK to do some recording in NYC and to spend some time with the family. Then he heads back to London. He discovered his musical talent late or at least revealed it late, and his parents could hardly believe that their son was a singer-songwriter. They had never heard him sing.

Jalen shared his love of music and discussed with the team how music is a language all kids can relate to. He explained how the heart of all Pop music comes from the Blues, people giving themselves permission to sing their deepest heart song.

Usually the team are happy to share lunch and head back out, but today, they lingered, like they could not get enough of his soul music.

We even started working on our own song:

On this cold Friday morning
Greeting a new year dawning
Being asked to sing, without warning!
You can hear a band forming.

Thank you Jalen.