Stories about our members: Alma at Benchmarks loves Words

alma“Alma is very receptive to the needs of the students in the after school program.  Through relationship building with program youth, Alma has noticed that some of the participants share her passion for words/vocabulary.  Noticing this as a way to further engage the young participants, while being intentional with program offerings, Alma has implemented a “Word Group”.   If students complete their homework before the hour of 5:30, they have the option of joining Alma and others to engage in activities such as; word searches, crossword puzzles, and fill in the blanks.  The activities, popular with the students as they are, are meant to further develop vocabulary and focus on parts of speech.  Alma has made this group a “cool space to be” and even students who don’t share a passion for vocabulary (yet) have joined in the fun.  “ (Meredith Smith Supervisor)