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MyScore privileges  a different site and source of knowledge.
It makes the student the expert, not the teacher. Not the parent. Not the researcher. What does that mean?__________________________________________________________

The researcher wants to know specifics. She wants to know if a child is fearful, what is the source or sources of that fear? If the child is scared of failing a math exam more than failing a history exam, that is significant, and especially so if that speaks for 60% of the class. Then a teacher can do something to demystify and de-terrorize the whole math exam experience.

If I learn that the children are not hopeful about the future, and I narrow it down to specifics. I discover they have less hope about being successful at school, but more hope about making friends.  That too is useful knowledge. I can shape a more hope-inducing curriculum.  The approach clearly makes the researcher the expert of the knowing. He has the interpretive tools to know what to look for and how to act on what he learns.

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These are all normal examples of knowledge that privileges the researcher to know and act on the findings. But is it as simple as that?
Surely this arrangement is more than just about knowledge. It is about power too. It is about who knows enough to act and who knows enough to interpret.

Two questions go unasked.

1.What is the role of the student who is surveyed here?

2. What is that role compared to the role of the researcher?

One is only exercising the power to be known, to be the teller. How they come to know what they know is not of interest.

The other is exercising the power to know, and to tell what they are told in an authoritative context. All power resides on that side of the equation.

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