Training this Friday-How Versatile Are You?


The Social Styles Profile has four quadrants that test whether you lean towards a personal style  of Asking or Telling, and spread across sectors named Amiable, Driven, Analytical, and Expres5793843_origsive. But there is more. Another critical self learning tool focuses on VERSATILITY – the ability to meet what Harvard Professor Ron Heifetz calls Adaptive Challenges.  Versatility, they say, is the best predictor of success and the key to interpersonal effectiveness.

The Team this Friday will fill in some forms that will reveal how they score on the Versatility Scale. When you work with someone, you have your own style, your own preferred way of working. If you are going to be successful, your team have to change and adapt to how you get things done. But that is only half the story. You have to adapt and change to how they perceive you. It is like a dance, and the moves that go with different kinds of music. If all you can do is waltz when the music suggests a tango, then you are literally out of step.

The Project Change team have already come up with work challenges and they are learning to adapt, learning to adjust their expectations and renegotiate some of their roles.  We are looking forward to sharing some of those experiences as our expert John Dold takes us through the workshop this Friday.