Week 2: First Week Back with Students

So with the Holiday Weekend, it was a rather short week.  I only got to spend two days this week in the classroom directly serving the students at the Middle School I am assigned to.  However, it still felt amazingly wonderful to be finally back in a classroom working with students to help them reach their goals.

After a year of sitting around and waiting of going from odd gig to odd gig; I was finally feeling useful again.  Here I was back in the classroom actually being of service to students.  

The first day was spent mostly feeling out my place in the classroom, how best to support the students, and which students might need extra or additional supports. This was of course in addition to building rapport with the students.  Getting them used to seeing me in the classroom, and showing them that I am there to help them succeed.

My only hiccup of the week was technology-based.  I am supposed to be getting access to an email address and the classroom website that is used to share assignments with students as well as track their progress.  By Friday, I had not yet received the email from the county school system that I will need to set all of that up, however.  Hopefully, I get it soon so I can have access to all of that.  As that access will most definitely help me serve the students.

All in all, it’s been a short but terrific week.  I can’t wait for Monday, and to see the students again.