What kind of Self Reflection Journal do I need?

Self reflection is akin to looking at yourself in the mirror. It helps you become aware of your emotions, your deep subconscious beliefs, recurrent thought patterns, inner conflicts and unresolved issues.

By becoming aware of these facets of your personality, you now have the power to discard negative and limiting beliefs and change your focus toward gratitude, abundance, inner peace and balance.

Journaling for self reflection

One of the best and most powerful ways to reflect is through writing, and in that – ‘Journaling’ as it is more structured.

As you put your thoughts on paper on a regular basis, you slowly being to de-clutter your mind and bring things into perspective leading to self awareness, clarify, alignment and inner peace.

While you can start journaling using just about any blank notebook, it is always helpful when you have something more structured. This is where journals come to your help.

Self reflection journals contain questions, prompts and activities that will motivate you to continue writing on a day to day basis. Some journals even have other add-ons like inspirational quotes, coloring pages and interactive elements to keep you motivated.

The following is our curated list of 20 all time best journals that will help you rediscover yourself.

1. Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal

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First on our list is Tiny Buddha’s gratitude journal.

This beautifully crafted journal will help you self reflect and creatively foster gratitude in your life.

This journal contains a combination of creative writing prompts and self reflection questions that are fun, inspiring and thought provoking. In addition, there are 15 beautiful coloring pages sprinkled throughout the journal.

Examples of questions/prompts in the journal:

  • What’s the best thing that has happened to you today (so far), and what did you most appreciate about it?
  • What do you most appreciate about spending time in nature?
  • Though they are not perfect, I appreciate that my family ______
  • I am grateful that I am healthy enough to _______
  • Which places (cities, beaches, restaurants, etc.) do you appreciate the most and why?

Example of a coloring page:

Quick facts about this journal

  • This is a 168-page interactive journal that contains a combination of writing and coloring pages.
  • Writing pages have ruled lines for you to easily jot down your responses.
  • You can start anywhere (on any page), no need to follow any particular order.

2. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

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The ‘Start Where You Are‘ journal is a collection of questions, prompts, exercises and inspirational quotes that will provide you with a powerful outlet to have thoughtful reflections.

Example of questions in this journal:

  • List five things that always and immediately bring a smile to your face.
  • Write down ten dreams that haven’t come true yet.
  • What are three thoughts that made you smile today.
  • What gives you light?

Quick facts about this journal:

  • Features vibrant hand-lettering and beautiful watercolor images.
  • Contains a combination of questions, prompts, exercises and quotes (There are quotes on every other page that relate to the following prompt).
  • Pages are unruled and there is plenty of room for writing and reflecting.

3. Story of My Life Journal

Piccadilly Story of My Life Journal | Personal DIY Memoir | Guided Autobiography Notebook | 204 pages

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This is essentially a blank memoir with pages of prompts for you to ponder, this journal provides thought-provoking questions concerning all the corners of your life. Filling in a journal such as this one feels like meeting yourself for the first time, as you consider questions ranging from your childhood to your present-day self.

Examples of questions in this journal:

  • Write about the earliest childhood memory of your Father/Mother.
  • Describe the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to do, either physically or mentally. Did you do it alone or did you have support?
  • List the top 10 songs you have loved as a teenager. What memories stand out with those songs in the background?