Introduction to Mediation Training at CRCMC


Team CHANGE met  in Bethesda MD today at the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County.
(CRCMC) It was a fun and instructive morning, where Tim Stranges and Maile Beers-Arthur and their team led us through the basics of Mediation. Then, we were thrown into a simulation, to get a hands-on feel of the process.

The scenario was about a passenger on an XYZ flight who was bumped from the passenger list, and who complAirhelp400ained that she was being discriminated against because of her clothes,
(she was wearing a Hoodie) She sued the XYZ Airline because she missed an interview for a 75K job that she was sure of getting. She wanted the airline to pay her compensation for her loss of income.

Team CHANGE broke into three teams and each member played a role, either as the co- mediator or the parties. When we returned, what was fascinating was the three different solutions offered by each group. One led by Ben offered 20K to the plaintiff and a 55K job at the airline. One led by Jira had the idea that from now on, XYZ would hire a conflict resolution expert at the gate of their flights to deal more effectively with any complaints. And one led by Katie offered to give to the complainant a full and transparent apology which was what the process revealed to be the main wrong that needed to be made right.

The training today added to the repertoire of listening and questioning and reflecting back to the speakers what seem to be their deepest concerns. The Harvard Negotiation Program was referenced, in their important distinction between taking a position and exploring issues.;