The Story of Saturday School- April 22nd

Today the Project CHANGE team met to hear the story of George B Thomas Snr. and how he started the Saturday School, the 6th day of learning for disadvantaged students in Montgomery County. It is a remarkable story.

Born to a family in the south that suffered directly from the ravages of racism, George knew very early on that his education mattered more than anything. Encouraged by his mother, he strove to be the best, even when his schooling was deficient and he had to teach himself.  He served in leadership roles in the Montgomery County school system and served as president of a famous black college. His life is full of firsts, including the first African American to earn his PhD from GWU.

For the members of CHANGE dedicated to improving student engagement, the work of Saturday School resonates so clearly and deeply. We have much to learn from George B Thomas and much to be grateful for. At 85, George should be relaxing enjoying his legacy, but he is as relentless at 85 as he was at 55.  Some people never grow old.