Meeting with Supervisors Today

good-news1Always good to hear the good news and feedback from the front lines of the service- from the Member’s Supervisors, who met today at GBTLA -Project CHANGE offices, to catch up and review the  last 6 months. Here are some of the comments about members that we overheard today.

“She has become part of our GES family”
“She was shy at first but now she knows just to jump in and try new things.”
“This is a fantastic opportunity for us- having an AmeriCorps member”

“Having her there has made a huge difference. When I am not there, I know she is, keeping the place going.”
“Its a pleasure to know her.”
“She is smart, and she takes charge and she organizes me.”
“She is smart, organized, she takes control and is very determined.”
“She is a very good teacher.”
“She has amazing skills”
“She is an excellent advocate for us and our work.”
“She keeps mus all organized.”
“Students rely on her, and are elated to see her.”
“She may come across as shy, but she is great with the kids.”
“We could not run the place without them.”
“She is able to listen.”
“She’s an angel.”
“She is adding her own activities to the groups and they are working brilliantly.”
“Families are sending their kids because of her.”
“She arrived pretty shy but how she has grown.”