The Good News of the Half Yearly Check Ins

Report_Card_1It is always heartening to visit all the members and their Supervisors for their Half Year Check-in and hear the good news of the amazing service delivered by the Project Change members.

Of course, there are challenges but not once did I hear a Supervisor say that the member was not achieving success working with the kids in their particular program. This an amazing testimony.

Here are a few samples of the feedback I heard from the Supervisors:

*She shows great empathy, enthusiasm, even though she’s been sick, the kids miss her

*He is a great with planning, creative, takes initiative, a great team player

*She is a great instructor, a well thought out course and students are performing, she likes teaching

*She has great project management skills, has a real teacher presence, organized, efficient,

*The kids look up to him, he is really connected to them and to the community,

*She brings great energy and handles the difficult kids, and she cares about their progres

*She has real strength of character  and brings structure to the class, very dependable

*She takes initiative and is self-motivated and driven, organized and efficient.

*She has great follow through, and actually  she is running the program, organizing and Excellentwriting the manual,

*She keeps me on task , and shows great empathy, and is heading up the student groups and  writing the student facilitation manual

*He has great communication skills, with that vital one on one relationship with these high needs students, and he is very patient. Having him there makes me a better teacher.

*She has great relationships with the students, shows flexibility and commitment, and excellent work habits.

*She has great customer service skills,  and she designed the new web site, and she can multi-task, and she asks questions so that she can learn.

*She is a good planner, knows how to instruct, has good ideas, and getting better at using the tools, and a good facilitator.

*She has the organization skills and at the same time, can go with the flow, and she has great relations with the students and is a strong team player.

*She has a positive attitude working with the kids, and pays attention to detail, and she is reliable and displays great team work.