As families gather and friends reunite, we take this time to express our deep gratitude to all members of  the AmeriCorps Project Change family and all our partners and supporters, without whom our work of service would not be possible……

How To Craft a Story- Noa Baum

This Friday, AmeriCorps Project Change members will be treated to a Master Class in Story Craft from a Master Teller and Performer Noa Baum. Noa is originally from Israel where she studied acting and came to UC Davis to be…..

The Power of Mindfulness

Today the AmeriCorps Team at Project Change are being trained to live and work more mindfully. Their teacher Gregory Robison, is an expert, having run the John Main Center at Georgetown University for the last few years. AmeriCorps members are…..

Social Styles- What is your Style of working with people

Today, Project Change is treated to a chance to learn about Social Styles and how we each have a way or working with others that is quite distinct. Former Lockheed Martin Executive will introduce a new way of looking at…..

Training this Friday-How Versatile Are You?

The Social Styles Profile has four quadrants that test whether you lean towards a personal style  of Asking or Telling, and spread across sectors named Amiable, Driven, Analytical, and Expressive. But there is more. Another critical self learning tool focuses…..

Making an Impact we can Measure

AmeriCorps has a few short snappy sayings that sum up the spirit of the work. One is “Getting Things Done” which says that the Project Change Team are all about ACTION, rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in. Another…..

Supervisors Training This Friday

This Friday, Project Change hosts the Supervisors of our 7 Partner Sites to come and share their experiences and learn more about AmeriCorps and the importance of the role that they play. Since many of them are graduates of Project…..

Peer Coaching Helping AmeriCorps to GROW

Last Friday, the team were treated to a special training from Lynne Feingold, master coach and one of  the leaders of the peer to peer coaching network in the Federal Government. Lynne took the group through a series of exercises…..

Getting Ready for Guest Faculty- Peer-to-Peer Group Coaching

Project Change  got off to a great start, with four Friday meetings during the month of September to get everyone into the AmeriCorps groove. The highlight was our trip to Camp Letts, on a beautiful day where the team braved the dreaded…..

Orientation for new Project Change Completed Today

Today marked the end of the Beginning for the new Project Change team. Director Paul Costello has been explaining the unique Storywise map of their AmeriCorps journey that they have all embarked on and whose goal is to create memories…..